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Goa: Tourism a hindrance to marine ecology: study by Prakash Kamat May 06,2016   |  Source: The Hindu

The failure of the State’s multiple agencies dealing with eco-system conservation, tourism and fisheries to have a coordinated initiative to regulate various marine activities off the Goan coast is threatening the rich bio-diversity and marine life in the State. Mangroves for the Future (MFF) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India’s gap analysis study to assess the impact of marine tourism activities on the Grande island (Goa) archipelago and identify and assess the key threats from unsustainable marine tourism activities has pointed out all this. Puja Mitra, State Programmer Manager of WWF, India, said here on Tuesday that the study had been submitted to the State authorities. It articulates the detailed guidelines/strategies that need to be taken for the development of community-based marine tourism management. “We are not saying you stop marine tourism activities, we only say develop guidelines and strategies for community-based sustainable marine tourism activities. Our project will also enhance the capacities of stakeholder communities for sustainable tourism,” said Ms. Mitra, talking to The Hindu on the sidelines of a function here. She said that local community engagement and support, science-based management and monitoring were essential components of successful


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