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Himachal Pradesh: Fish production in HP increases by over 9 pc May 09,2016   |  Source: The Times of India

Production of fish in Himachal Pradesh has increased by 9.2 per cent during 2015-16 as compared to the previous fiscal. The production this year was recorded at 11,798.72 metric tonne. Trout production has reached 417.23 metric tonne which was 61.03 metric tonnes higher than the previous year, a Fisheries Department spokesperson said here. Among large reservoirs, Govindsagar maintained highest level of fish production per hectare in the country, he said.

With involvement of private sector, 581.73 lakh carp seeds and 17.50 lakh trout seeds were produced and revenue of Rs 465.59 lakh was generated to the Fisheries Department, the spokesperson said.
Three carp hatcheries, five-hectare nursery ponds and 29 hectares of large fish ponds are being set up, he said, adding, two fish feed mills at the state's fish farms in Deoli and Sultanpur are also being constructed under the private sector.

Creation of post-harvest infrastructural facilities like ice plats, mobile fish vans, insulated boxes are being provided to reservoir fishermen, fish cooperative societies under the National Mission for Protein Supplements (NMPS) programme and "cold chain" has been set up at the reservoirs, the spokesperson said.

A new scheme of 'cage fish culture' was introduced on a pilot basis in


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