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Sri Lanka: Seychelles And The Sri Lankan Connection May 09,2016   |  Source: The Sunday Leader

Seychelles is a small archipelago situated in the far west corner of the Indian Ocean, closer to the continent of Africa. Tourism and fishing are the two most important industries for the economy of Seychelles. In 2009, tourism was surpassed by industrial fishing as the highest foreign exchange earner. Licensing fees paid by foreign companies that trawl in Seychelles’ territorial water, are also growing.

Seychelles is a Small Island Development State (SIDS) and does not have land resources. It is also vulnerable to climate changes. It depends on tourism and fishing, both of which need to be protected. Because Seychelles has to import about 90 per cent of what it consumes, it has a trade deficit and foreign currency deficit. Fisheries come under the Seychelles Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport. The Seychelles Fishing Authority is the executive body that is responsible for fisheries. The Fishing Boat Owner’s Association (FBOA) is the other important stakeholder in fisheries.

The Seychelles Fishing Authority was created in 1984 to develop the fishing industry to its fullest potential as well as preserve the resource base for sustainable development. Their aim is to promote sustainable fisheries with the optimisation of the benefits from the fishing

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