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Gujarat: Slamming the justice door shut on the fisherfolk of Mundra by Arpitha Kodiveri May 10,2016   |  Source: The Wire

The International Financial Corporation (IFC), a private lending arm of the World Bank group has lent $450 million to the Tata Mundra Power Plant (4150mw) on the coast of Kutch, Gujarat. Since its inception, the power plant has seen opposition from the local fisher folk who stay merely one mile away from it. The power plant is causing destruction of the mangrove ecosystem and has increased the salinity of the groundwater, making it unfit for drinking or irrigation. The fly ash from the conveyor belt that transports coal is known to pollute the air as well as settle on the fish that have been laid out to dry. This, accompanied with thermal pollution in the waters surrounding the area, is adversely impacting local marine life. The IFC has acknowledged that the project will have “significant adverse social and/or environmental impacts that are diverse, irreversible or unprecedented”. It has fixed performance standards on environment and social sustainability, and these standards must be complied with by the borrower and form a part of the loan agreement. The purpose is to ensure that projects funded by the IFC adhere to these standards and in the event of non-compliance a complaint can be filed before the compliance advisor ombudsman (CAO), which is an internal complaint


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