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Tamil Nadu: Adyar creek to get 40-Acre Mangrove cover by Ashwin Prasath and C Shivakumar May 10,2016   |  Source: The New Indian Express

The Adyar Creek could soon turn out to be a paradise for migratory birds as the eco-restoration of Adyar Creek and estuary is set to be completed shortly with the planting of mangrove saplings in 40 acres of land. “Currently, we have planted saplings on 25 acres of land in the second phase of eco-restoration and the remaining area will be covered shortly,” said an official of Chennai River Restoration Trust. The area, which has been infested with Prosopis Juliflora, an invasive species of weed in Africa, Asia and Australia, has been cleared and given a new look. “We cleared the weeds just before the December rains,” said the official. With the planting of the mangrove saplings, 40 acres of Adyar Creek will act as a carbon sink — this means that they have the ability to absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. Interestingly, officials won’t be watering the mangroves by digging up wells.

“We will do it manually, as withdrawing water from the island is prohibited. The planting of mangroves would minimise eutrophication, the enrichment of an ecosystem with chemical nutrients, typically compounds containing nitrogen, phosphorus, or both,” said the official. He added that the mangroves will absorb the nutrients and improve water quality. Already the effects could be felt as


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