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Myanmar: Fisherman 'enslaved for five years on Thai fishing boat because of an unpaid beer tab' May 20,2016   |  Source: Mirror

A man who collapsed drunk while having a drink with his friend was told he would have to work as a fisherman to pay the cost of his beer, a court heard. The man from Myanmar says he was forced to spend five years working for free after he came into the clutches of a broker in the fishing port town of Kantang in southern Thailand. Four days after the man collapsed, he said he discovered himself in the home of the broker where he was told he owed 2,000 baht ($50) for the beer and his stay. He ended up enslaved on a fishing boat and was only rescued when he and the other alleged 'slaves' called a helpline and asked to be saved.

Nine defendants are now on trial at a court in Thailand's southern Trang province as the proceedings began last week in a human trafficking case against nine defendants. The defendants include the broker, as well as the owner of Boonlarp Fishing Co. Ltd., whom prosecutors say is the chief of the trafficking ring. The man and his fellow 'slaves' only escaped when Papop Siamhan, a lawyer for the trafficking victims and project coordinator for the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) rights group said he defendants have denied all charges.

"This case is important because before the police could only catch the small fish, but this is the first


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