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Bangladesh: Poor catches disappoint fishermen May 20,2016   |  Source: The Daily Star

Several hundred fishermen yesterday went back home with poor catches of eggs from the Halda river, the largest and lone natural spawning ground for carp fish in the country. Around 250 boats were ready to collect spawn at Madunaghat, Azimer Ghona, Urirchar, Madarasha, Khalifer Ghona, Garduara and Napiter Ghona areas of Hathazari and Raojan upazilas but the fishermen could collect only a small amount of spawn. “With high hopes, we went down the river taking our boats and nets, but it was a big disappointment. The fish laid a small amount of eggs,” said Kamal Uddin Sawdagor, a fisherman of Garduara area. He said he collected only a bucketful yesterday. Hares Shah, another fisherman of Madrasa area, said the Halda was a safe haven for carp fishes once and mother fishes used to release eggs on time at certain points of the river. “As the river is being polluted, fishes are now releasing eggs in a small scale,” he said, adding, “Mother fishes do not feel the river to be safe for releasing spawn.”

Hares said he collected around 700 grams of spawn yesterday. According to experts, different natural factors like temperature of water, strong current, adequate rainfall and thunder shower create a congenial atmosphere for mother fishes to release eggs. Although there was a


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