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Manipur: Phoomdi and locals at Loktak: Time to introspect ? May 23,2016   |  Source: The Sangai Express

Wetlands, one of the most important ecosystems on earth, are known as ecological supermarkets. Wetlands support extensive food chain and play a major role in the landscape by providing unique habitats for a range of flora and fauna. Loktak, the largest Pat within the Manipur river basin serves as an important source of water, fisheries and vegetation providing sustenance to a large population. It has got a rich biodiversity of 233 plant species and 425 species of animals (249 vertebrates and 176 invertebrates). Loktak provides refuge to thousands of birds which belong to 116 species (21 species of waterfowl are migratory, most migrating from different parts of the northern hemisphere beyond the Himalayas). Phoomdi is a heterogenous mass of soil, vegetation and organic matter in different stages of decay. It occurs in various sizes, small or large with thickness varying from a few centimeters to above 2.5 m. Phoomdi is a habitat of a large variety of aquatic, semi-aquatic and terrestrial plants, comprising of more than 128 species from above 46 families. Communities living in and around the wetland are directly or indirectly dependent upon the wetland resources for sustenance. There is a significant population which harvests aquatic plants from Loktak for different purposes. It


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