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West Bengal: With monsoon approaching, Bengal can't wait for its favourite Hilsa by Indrajit Kundu June 24,2016   |  Source: India Today

While the whole country eagerly waits for the monsoon to arrive, there is one reason which makes the wait for Bengalis a little more special. For months now, Bengalis across the country have been praying for the rain Gods to arrive. The reason - a good monsoon means a more affordable Hilsa on the Bong platter, the gastronomical delight Bengal simply can't get enough of. Over the past two months Hilsa prices have soared massively owing to less domestic production and ban on import from Bangladesh. With the dispute over Teesta water sharing between the two countries, Bangladesh administration had halted exports a couple of years ago. Give us water and let the Hilsa flow, Bangladesh had said after the water sharing agreement got blocked due to opposition from West Bengal chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Never before had a food item fallen prey to such a diplomatic political tangle. But two years down the line, with Mamata back in power again, water seems to be flowing in the right direction. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina greeted the West Bengal Chief Minister with twenty kilograms of the best quality Hilsa sourced from the Padma river as Banerjee took oath for the second time. Perhaps also hoping that a bit of Hilsa diplomacy may just help get Mamata onboard this time.


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