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Manipur: Press statement of All loktak lake areas fishermen’s union, Manipur July 08,2016   |  Source: ALLAFUM

The All Loktak Lake Areas Fishermen’s Union Manipur (ALLAFUM) strongly object the statement made by the LDA in recent news caption “LDA rejuvenates Loktak Lake, claims State Govt” in some local news papers wherein the LDA (Loktak Development Authority) have claimed to have taken up activities like management of phumdis, improvement of drainage system, de-siltation at the critical areas, construction of cross regulator, catchment area conservation, construction of sanitary toilets, biodiversity, enhancement of fish resources with the establishment of hatchery, afforestation in catchment areas, overall ecosystem of the lake is improving on various parameters, restoration of the open water regime, channelization of river/streams, Phumdi compost, aided regeneration, agro forestry, small scale engineering works, contour trenching, vegetative check dam, Gabion check dam, bamboo spur, boulder sausages, water harvesting structure, alternate source of energy, community participation, institution formation of community, diversion channel, cultural operation, plantation of banana, pineapple, etc. are nothing but table work reports without field works in the Loktak.

Nambul, Nambol, Ninghtoukhong, Moirang and other rivers and its tributaries from Manipur hills and valley have been

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