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Karnataka: Fisheries Minister to lead delegation August 29,2016   |  Source: The Hindu

Minister of State for Fisheries, Sports and Youth Services Pramod Madhwaraj on Friday said he would lead a delegation of department officials and MPs from the coastal region to Delhi next month to press among other things for a conclave of Fisheries’ Ministers from all coastal States. Speaking to pressperosns here on Friday, he said that such a meeting was essential to move towards having a National Fishing Policy, without which the fishing industry in the country would be in peril. As of now, there was hardly any regulation to govern the industry and it was not a healthy sign, he said. Almost all other countries had fishing policies, laws and guidelines for the smooth functioning of the industry.

Mr. Madhwaraj said he would also urge MPs from the coastal region in Karnataka to accompany him during the visit on September 28 and 29, where he would meet the Union Agriculture Minister and officials of the Agriculture Ministry. He would also meet the Union Sports Minister during the visit to press for a proper Sports Policy, Mr. Madhwaraj added. Taking exception to the move of the Union government to scale down its contribution for fishing projects from 75 per cent of the project cost to 50 per cent, Mr. Madhwaraj said he would raise this issue also during the Delhi meeting.


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