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Odisha: Drop in fish stocks for illegal fishing by Lalmohan Patnaik August 29,2016   |  Source: The Telegraph

The threat of extinction looms large over the state's natural fish stocks in rivers and lakes because of unregulated inland fishing during the breeding season. The impact of unrestricted fishing is already being felt in the state's rivers, especially in the Mahanadi. There has reportedly been a drastic downslide in fish catch. The annual freshwater fish production in the state is around three lakh tonnes. While 87 per cent fishes are from ponds and tanks under captive culture, the remaining are from lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals. However, only 5 per cent of the output are from the rivers and canals, indicating the steep fall in fish population in rivers.

The rivers are the breeding grounds for freshwater fishes. That the fishing during breeding season is leading to the dwindling fish population is evident between June and July, when markets flood with gravid fishes. The situation, conservationists feel, warrants a two-month fishing ban in the rivers and natural lakes during the breeding season to ensure spawning of fishes. The ban is expected to ensure replenishing of natural fish stocks. Senior officials in the fisheries directorate, however, said they were aware of the dwindling fish stocks in the rivers and lakes and issue of ban on inland fishing was being


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