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Gujarat: Indian fishermen going home share children, wives’ photos, letters January 09,2017   |  Source: Dawn

Though all the men were happy to be finally going home after having done time here from nine months to one year for illegally fishing in Pakistani waters, there was also an air of sadness as one of the fishermen to be released had died suddenly a day earlier. Overcome with joy over going home, Jeena Bhagwan died of a heart attack on Wednesday. “He was fine, talking about how happy his wife and children would be on seeing him.

Suddenly he complained of pain in his chest. I took him to the constable watching over us, who told me to take him to the doctor in the jail hospital,” said Okka Lakhman Bahi, another Indian fisherman being released. “The doctor there was putting the blood pressure cuff on his arm when I saw his body stiffen and jolt before he doubled up to vomit.The next instant he was gone. His name was Jeena, meaning life, but he is dead,” Okka said sadly.

Jail superintendent Hassan Setho said the dead fisherman’s body had been sent to the Edhi mortuary from where he would be sent back to India according to government procedure. Of the fishermen being released on Thursday, 16 were Muslims. Ibrahim Mohammad said he had been in jail for 10 months and had two young boys waiting for him back home. “The older one is named Sahil. He is nine. And the younger

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