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Pakistan: Protest against deep sea trawlers in Pakistan January 09,2017   |  Source: PFF

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum held a protest demonstration against deep sea fishing trawlers in Karachi, Pakistan. The PFF protesters stated that the grave objection to Deep Sea fishing trawlers is two-fold: it threatens the livelihoods of small fishers by depriving them of catch today, and in future by ecologically destructive practices of these vessels.

It is imperative that the process of licenses be terminated immediately without discrimination between domestic and foreign applicants. The PFF leaders told the media that marine reserves are already dwindling in the area and the influx of trawlers from other countries poses serious threats to Pakistani fishermen’s traditional source of living.

Around three million people in Sindh are almost solely dependent on the local fishing industry and such policies pose a direct threat to their livelihood as they will expedite the depletion of our marine resources. Apart from that these trawlers use fishing nets and of the entire catch, keeping 10 percent at most for commercial processing while 90 percent of it is dumped back and remains a cause of immense marine pollution.

The PFF demonstrators warned that the move to allow in the trawlers will also cause financial losses to the national exchequer as there are no duties

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