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Bangladesh: Govt mulls special credit facility for fish farmers March 15,2017   |  Source: The Financial Express

The government considers providing fish farmers with special credit facility for cultivation of local fish to boost their production in the country, officials said. "The present government is trying to increase the production of indigenous species of fish. So, it wants to launch loan programme directly for its farmers. The finance ministry is now working on the issue," an official of Bank and Financial Institutions Division (BFID) told the FE. Local species of fish are becoming extinct in the country due to different man-made causes, he said, adding that it is urgently needed to protect them. "BFID has asked Bangladesh Bank (BB) for its opinion on loan facility for cultivation of local fish in ponds. We have already given our opinion in this regard," a BB official said. The central bank will take necessary initiatives if the government launches a special loan subsidy programme for local fish producers, BB said in its opinion. The country's scheduled banks are reluctant to provide credit for cultivation of local species of fishes due to less production and less returns. But they are interested in giving loan for cultivation of hybrid species of fishes due to more production. Besides, the loan recovery rate is good, sources concerned said.

The rate of interest is likely to be

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