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Bangladesh: Cancel fake fishermen's registration, give ration to real fishers March 20,2017   |  Source: The Financial Express

Over two million (20 lakh) workers who live on fishing have been facing hard days due to two-month (March-April) ban imposed by the government on fishing in coastal areas. About 0.5 million (5 lakh) fisher families and 2-2.5 million fish workers have lost their regular livelihood due to the ban. The government is supposed to provide 40 kgs of rice as relief to each fisher families during the two-month restriction period, but in many unions, upazilas and districts the rice is yet to reach the fishermen. So the fishermen are suffering miserable lives with their families.

Speakers said this at a rally and a human chain held in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Saturday. A group of 27 Rights Based Civil Society Networks, farmers, fishers and labour organisations participated in the two programmes, from where they announced a 7-point charter of demands to be met by the government. Addressing the programmes, leaders of fishers, workers and the rights groups demanded that, the ration for the fishermen during the restriction period must reach the fishermen at least 7 days before the fishing ban takes effect.

Demanding cancellation of registration of fake fishermen, they alleged, people who are not fishermen in anyway are getting various supports and government services

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