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Pakistan: Crisis at Karachi fish harbour deepens by Faiza Ilyas March 20,2017   |  Source: Dawn

Sanitary conditions at the Karachi fish harbour deteriorated further on Saturday amid continued suspension of power to the facility on the second consecutive day on account of non-payment of bills by the Karachi Fish Harbour Authority (KFHA). Speaking to Dawn, workers at the harbour said they faced great difficulty in carrying out routine tasks especially in early morning hours — the time for the first fish auction — during which they had to use the lights of their mobile phones to work. “There was pitch darkness, making our task of grading the fish very difficult,” said Akbar, adding that electricity outage also delayed cleanliness work at the harbour as water couldn’t be pumped out from the tank. Visibly worried over the situation, Mohammad Suleman, a fish crate supplier at the harbour, said workers somehow managed their tasks in the cool morning hours but the quality of fish would definitely be affected later during the day. “It’s too warm inside the auction hall since it has a metal ceiling and we can’t use fans. There is no water with which I can wash my plastic crates that have been lying uncleaned since yesterday,” he complained.

The harbour, earning millions of dollars in fish exports, seemed to have no major power supply backup system as workers

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