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Sri Lanka: Cey-Nor manufactures large scale vessel after 12 years April 21,2017   |  Source: News LK

After 12 years, Cey-Nor launched its first large-scale fishing vessel larger than 60 ft in length. Approximately 1,480 multiday fishing vessels are engaged in deep sea fishing on international waters. However, 40% of the harvested fish remain unfit for consumption due to the inadequacy of facilities in these fishing vessels. Fish exports to the international market require high-quality fish and Sri Lanka is able to satisfy only 30% of the total demand. Thus, the government had consented with the Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera’s proposal to deliver Sri Lankan fishers with multiday fishing vessels with latest technology and facilities under a concessionary basis.

As a result, Cey-Nor initiated manufacturing large-scale multiday vessels larger than 55ft. 10 vessels of similar nature will be manufactured in 2017 and 2018. A vessels costs 60 million and fishermen shall pay only a 50% of the cost and the rest will be borne by the government. These vessels are equipped with cold room facilities and a vast storage capacity for the harvested fish. Long lines will be used as the method of fishing and the new vessels will be developed to cause minimum post-harvest losses. Further, Cey-Nor has also initiated manufacturing another multiday fishing vessel with advance and

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