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Goa: Goa bans use of LED lights by fishing trawlers May 19,2017   |  Source: The Times of India

Goa government has banned the use of LED lights by trawlers for fishing even as 25 fishermen were detained after they tried to block a road in Panaji in protest against the use of such lights. The fishermen have been demanding a ban on fishing with the help of LED lights which attract a large number of fish due to their powerful glow underwater. They say their use would lead to a fish famine in Goa waters.

"We agreed to their demand and issued a notification banning LED lights. We also issued directions asking to impound the trawlers fitted with such lights. We are taking all the measures to ensure that LED lights are removed. We are fully supporting the fishermen," State fisheries minister Avertano Furtado told reporters last night outside Panaji police station. He said the state government had agreed to all their demands but some fishermen continued to block the road. State Rural Development Agency minister Alina Saldanha was also present along with Furtado at the police station. Speaking to reporters, Inspector Siddhanth Shirodkar said today, "The crowd had blocked the road and jetties used by offshore casinos. We had to forcefully evict them and took 25 fishermen into custody last evening."

He said police had to resort to mild lathi-charge after some fishermen attacked

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