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Maharashtra: Shivaji memorial threat to marine life by Sonam Saigal May 19,2017   |  Source: The Hindu

The proposal to built a Rs. 3,600 crore Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial in the Arabian Sea is mired in controversy. After a public interest litigation was filed at the Bombay High Court urging the project to be scrapped, a letter has been written to the Minister of Ministry of Environment, Forest (MoEF) and Climate Change (CC) pointing out that the project will affect the corals and marine biodiversity. On May 16, a letter was written by environmentalist Debi Goenka, the Executive Trustee of Conservation Action Trust, says, “The entire procedure culminating in the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and environmental clearance has been based on incorrect premise that the site for the said memorial is situated in CRZ IV.

‘Irreparable damage’

“The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report prepared by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute and National Institute of Oceanography clearly states that there is an abundance of corals in the location proposed for the said memorial. Corals are categorised as CRZ-IA and are protected by the CRZ notification, 2011. The presence of corals was also confirmed by the site visit conducted by the officials of MoEF and CC and Public Waterworks Department. “The material cannot be constructed at the proposed site

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