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Tamil Nadu: Strike by country boat fishermen September 21,2017   |  Source: The Hindu

The Thoothukudi mechanised boat fishermen’s plea for allowing them to practice ‘stay fishing’ has immediately triggered unrest and sharp resistance from the country boat fishermen who struck work on Monday as they had suffered a lot on the high-seas in the past due to the violation of norms by the mechanised boat fishermen. Submitting a petition to Collector (In-Charge) P. Muthuramalingam on Monday during the weekly grievance redressal meet, the petitioner fishermen said the mechanised boats, as per the Tamil Nadu Marine Fishing Regulation Act 1983 and the Government Order issued on June 6, 2011, should be powered by an engine not exceeding the capacity of 150 HP and should not exceed the length of 20 meter. And, these mechanised fish crafts should carry out fishing operations on high-seas between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“Though these norms have been confirmed by the Madras High Court, the mechanised boat fishermen violate all these norms with the connivance of the officials attached to the Department of Fisheries. More than 90% of the mechanised boats operating from Thoothukudi and Kanniyakumari districts have been fitted with imported 450 HP high power engines that violate the 150 HP norms. And, all these wide-bodied steel boats are up to 35 meter-long. However, the

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