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Telangana: Fishkill at Bibinagar lake September 21,2017   |  Source: The Hindu

Hundreds of fish, big and small were found dead near a lake in Bibinagar town here on Wednesday, villagers alleged it was caused by industrial effluents, and was a regular scene every year. Dead catfish weighing more than 5 and 10 kg each, and numerous fingerlings recently released into the lakes by the Fisheries department, all were seen washed ashore at Raghavapuram village near the town.

“The stench from the water is unbearable and it has been a common sight for several years, particularly when it floods. But not these many fish and this big in size,” a villager said. Other villagers also alleged that the untreated chemicals released into the water by several industries on the city outskirts, with the recent floods as an appropriate time, caused the impact.

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