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Goa: Fishing community demands better facilities at Talpona jetty September 21,2017   |  Source: Herald

Talpona river is the biggest river in Canacona taluka and is blessed with a natural jetty at the mouth of the river. Over the years due to lack of attention by the Fisheries Department in upgrading facilities at the jetty, the local trawler owners are preferring to anchor their vessels either at Betul or Bheitkul in Karwar a district of Karnataka.

There are hundreds of families residing on the banks of Talpona River with fishing as their primary activity. Decades ago this jetty was home to over 30 trawlers owned by the local fishermen and was a bustling hamlet with all other supporting economic activities, but due to lack of basic facilities the trawler owners have shifted base to nearby jetties in and outside the state. Pradeep Mokhardakar, a traditional fisherman, who stays close to the Talpona jetty and owns a fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) boat with assistance from department of fisheries, says that there are absolutely no facilities at the jetty.

Mokhardakar said that the Talpona jetty has no fuelling station, ice or cold storage facilities, sanitation facilities, drinking water, shed for repairing the nets and boat repair yard. “Without these facilities, fishing activity is not possible at the jetty,” he said. Pradeep Pagi, a traditional fisherman and a trawler

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