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Tamil Nadu: Four Kanyakumari fishermen released from Abu Dhabi prison October 12,2017   |  Source: The Times of India

Four of the five fishermen from the district, who were arrested in August and lodged in an Abu Dhabi jail for intruding into the city's territorial waters while fishing, were released on Wednesday on the intervention of the Government of India. A press release from the office of union minister of state for finance and fishing Pon Radhakrishnan added that they would be returning home by the weekend.

The five fishermen Y Jerald Regan, 31, his brother Y Karol Jahin, 26, A John Prabhahar, 40, G Regan Geo Gladwin, 35, all hailing from Kadiyapattinam village and S Jose Stalin, 32, from Midalam village, worked for their employer Jaffer Jubeil in Qatar as fishermen. They ventured into the sea on his mechanised boat 'Kashwani - 3228'from Vakhra in Qatar and were engaged in deep sea fishing on August 25. The next day they were arrested by the Abu Dhabi Coast Guard for allegedly intruding into their territorial waters. After getting imprisoned at Tarrif in Abu Dhabi, the fishermen were allowed to contact their friend Probin who was also working with them in Qatar and inform him about their detention. Probin informed their families in Kanyakumari of their arrest. Meanwhile, an Abu Dhabi court awarded one month imprisonment for the five and slapped a fine of 4,000 Riyals (Rs 70,000) on

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