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Nelayan Tangguh (Tough fishermen)
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    Women,NGO,KIARA,Indonesia,Illegal fishing,Gender,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Ecosystem management,DFT,Access rights

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  • Sopuan fights for the rights of the fishermen and spreads knowledge amongst the fisherfolk about their responsibility towards the ecosystem.
    Mbak Nak, on observing the unequal position of men and women in her society, took it upon herself to educate the women about their rights in their own house as well as in the society.
    Tihoram, fisherman and father of three children, could not put up with the land reclamation of Jakarta’s North Coast. He organised his community to fight against the government.
    Rustam is a different kind of soldier. He fiercely defends his region’s water in East Kalimanta against illegal fishers, sometimes arresting them and taking them to the authorities.

    Nelayan Tangguh is a film about everyday heroes amongst the fishing community in Indonesia. With the help of NGOs, these heroes have organised, fought and defended their territory and rights.
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