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Menuju Konservasi Laut Yang Pro Rakyat Dan Pro Lingkungan ( Towards marine conservation, pro-people and pro-environment)
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    H Prattama

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    Ridzki R Sijit, Riza Damanik

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  • Languages English,Bahasa
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    Jl. Tegalparang North 14, South Jakarta Mampang-12790 Ph: +6221 79193363/7941673 Email:

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    Protected areas,Participatory management,National Parks,MPA,Marine biodiversity,Livelihood,Indonesia,Fishworkers,Fishermen,Conservation,Conflicts

  • Description
  • This video brings out the problems of a top-down approach to national park management. It draws on the example of the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, where fishworkers have been denied their rightful access to marine and coastal resources and their habitations. It reviews marine conservation and environment programme adopted for the sole sake of preserving the environment through a marine national park. The movie thoroughly discusses the history of marine national parks, the policy adopted by them, the Bunaken marine park, the national park Taka Bonerate, and the problem of fisheries conflict.

    This model, heavily biased towards conservation, has not only affected the fisher people but also has not checked the destruction of marine and coastal resources. The video highlights the need for participatory and consultative processes: pro-people and pro-environment conservation.
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