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Point Calimere – Little Kingdom by the Coast
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    Shekar Dattatri

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    Shekar Dattatri

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    Wildlife,Wetlands,Tamil Nadu,Smallscale fisheries,Sanctuaries,Ramsar,India,Forests,Flamingos,Conservation,Blackbucks,Birds,Animals

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  • This short film by Shekar Dattatri showcases the biodiversity of the Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, India and its conservation problems such as growth of alien plant species and intervention of commercial interests. The area was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1967, to protect the blackbucks, an endangered native Indian antelope species. The sanctuary is also home to the spotted deer, feral pony, wild boar, jackal, mongoose, bonnet macaque, black-naped hare and Indian star tortoise. Dattatri’s eye for wildlife photography fills the screen with breath-taking images of the species in the area – from dung beetles to flamingos.
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