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Between the devil and the deep sea
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    Saraswati Rao Kavula

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    Wages,Trawlers,Shrimp farming,SEZ,Safety at sea,Odisha,Mechanized boats,Labour,India,Human rights,Displacement,Deep sea fishing,Culture fisheries,Credit,Andhra Pradesh

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  • Between the Devil and the Deep Sea is a documentary film that records the troubles and travails of the traditional marine fisherfolk from Andhra Pradesh; it brings into focus the relationship between environment and the survival of human beings as an important factor for our social well-being. And most importantly, it highlights the need to do a rethink about high yielding but short-sighted methods of development and economics. Continuously combating dangers on the sea, getting little in return because of the exploitation of natural resources by the mechanized trawlers on one side and monetary exploitation by the money lenders on the other, with an impassive Government that hardly bothers to take a holistic look into the problem, the life of the traditional marine fisherfolk is hanging between the devil and the deep sea.
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