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Isang Laot (A shared fishing ground)
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    Leonard G Reyes

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    SIKAT, Philippines

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    Ph: 0207 7048502 Email:

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    Philippines,Traditional fishing,Illegal fishing,Compressor fishing,Motorized boats,Marine conservation,Fishing methods,Environmental impact,DFT,Smallscale fisheries,Marine biodiversity,Community based management,Fishing communities

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  • Romblon is one of the poorest provinces in Philippines, despite its fishing ground being one of the richest in the country. Illegal fishers from other provinces, particularly commercial fisheries , had been the primary reason for Romblon’s poverty for a long time. The entry of motorised vehicles forced the traditional fishermen to adopt compressor fishing, which is not only harmful to the environment but also to their own health. Even when the local government passed a law to protect the local waters, with little resources, implementation was difficult. Isang Laot traces how the local community came together to protect and conserve their marine resources along with the local government and NGOs in the region.
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