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Cry Sea
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    Cafi Mohamud and Luca Cusani

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    Trawling,Trawlers,Smallscale fisheries,Senegal,Industrial fisheries,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Fisheries agreements,EU,Africa,Access agreements

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  • Having emptied the European seas of fish, industrial fishing trawlers are now targeting Africa. But in places like Senegal, where the sea is the nation's main resource, the EU's fishing policies are damaging the country. Unable to compete with this 'European Invasion', Senegalese fishermen are being driven out of business. Senegalese fishermen are losing their livelihoods as a result of overfishing, particularly because of modern, highly equipped industrial fishing craft. The film gives a glimpse of the demographic pressures and why West African countries concluded these fishing agreements at extreme disadvantage to themselves is a matter for some speculation.
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