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Children of Gloom and Doom
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    David Eli

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    Trafficking,Slave-trade,Poverty,Overfishing,Marine fisheries,Livelihood,ICSF,Ghana,Fishing communities,Child labour

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  • About one million children are estimated to have been trafficked from Ghana. It is not a coincidence that most of them are from the coastal areas of Ada, Akplabanya, Senya Bereku and Ningo. The depletion of fishes in the region because of factors ranging from climate change to industrial fishing, forces the people to sell their children to slave-masters. Most of these children end up working in the retrieval of entangled fishing gear from deep within the sea, often putting their lives in danger. Rescue operations of these children are difficult as tracing back their homes has been a constant issue. This short film highlights the extent of the effect of depletion of our marine resources.
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