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My village, my lobster
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    Joshua Wolff

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    Brad Allgood

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    Working conditions,Spiny Lobster,Socio economic aspects,Safety at sea,Occupational hazards,Nicaragua,Lobsters,Labour,Injury,Indigenous peoples,Fishermen,Divers,Caribbean sea

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  • This film is a one-hour documentary that tells the powerful and harrowing story of the indigenous Miskito lobster divers along Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast who risk their lives diving for the region's most lucrative resource – the Caribbean spiny lobster. Commercial lobster diving has led to thousands of Miskito divers becoming paralyzed and hundreds more being dead. The reason is decompression sickness – which results when a diver ascends too rapidly from the depths of the ocean or fails to make decompression stops during the ascent, causing a rapid decrease in pressure. An epidemic of decompression disease has been ignored by the Nicaraguan government and international community.
    The film features exclusive testimony from a cast of compelling central characters: lobster divers who have been injured from the bends while diving; boat owners and captains who are responsible for their divers' safety; a hyperbaric medicine specialist who treats injured divers; and diving boat crew members who have witnessed divers die from the bends firsthand.
    In addition, this film includes exclusive, never-before-obtained footage aboard a commercial lobster diving vessel as well as stunning footage from the remote Miskito Keys -- the fabled turtle hunting grounds of the Miskito Indians. It i

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