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The Homecoming
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    Wide Angle Films for Wildlife Trust of India

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    Wildlife Trust of India F-13, Sector-8, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh- 201301 India Ph: +91-120- 4143900 Email:

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    Gujarat,Fishing communities,Whale shark,Fishing methods,Conservation,Endangered species,Legislation,Fishing gear,Breeding season

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  • This film was produced for the Wildlife Trust of India as part of a campaign spearheaded to protect and preserve the whale shark, an endangered species.
    The whale shark is the largest living fish in the world that travels several thousand miles each year to the coast of Gujarat, to breed. Till recently, it used to be fished for commercial purposes and the entire species suffered a threat to its survival.
    The campaign portrayed in the film, was devised to spread awareness and encourage the fishing communities to embrace this gentle creature as the ‘Pride of Gujarat'. This video is part of ‘Save the Whale Shark Campaign'.
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