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A climate call from the coast
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    K P Sasi

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    INECC in association with Visual Search

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    Convenor Nafisa Goga D’Souza C/o. Laya [Secretariat] 501 Kurupam Castle, East Point Colony, Visakhapatnam – 530 017 Andhra Pradesh Ph: 0891 2548071, 2735332 Fax: 0891 2784341 Email:,

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    India,Kerala,Climate change,Pollution,Carbon footprint,Fuel,Emissions,Fishing craft,Coastal erosion,Fishing communities,Groynes,Sea level rise,Coastal area management,Housing,Environmental impact,Livelihood,Ocean currents

  • Description
  • This documentary film is a call from coastal communities in Kerala, a state in south India, who are beginning to see the impacts of global warming and climate change at close quarters. While scientists are yet to establish how exactly weather, wind and waves change, the fisherfolk find an angrier sea carving out more and more of their land. They are concerned about the changing course of ocean currents and disappearance of small fish from the coastal waters. Pollution and construction along the shore make things even worse. Though their carbon footprint is very small, these local coastal communities bear the brunt of mounting emissions worldwide. They call for leaner, cleaner production processes and demand a place in the climate change debate.
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