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Tsunami Rehabilitation – An unfinished business
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    K P Sasi

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    Visual Search and Oxfam America

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    Oxfam America:

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    Tsunami,Indian ocean,Natural disasters,Relief,Rehabilitation,Reconstruction,Fishing communities,CRZ,Coastal regulation,Fisheries legislation,Displacement,India,Industry

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  • Four years on, in 2008, rehabilitation with an unprecedented level of humanitarian support has helped a large number of tsunami-affected people in India, get back their livelihoods. At the same time, tsunami rehabilitation is the story of failed promises and missed lessons. There are still people living in bad quality houses and dilapidated structures that might collapse anytime. There are many people left out of the rehabilitation process. This scenario raises questions about humanitarian standards and the rights of disaster-affected people. Besides, there is the challenge of ensuring safe life on the coasts. There is also the issue of involuntary relocation of people from the coasts and dilution of coastal environmental norms to make way for business. In the film, humanitarian workers and local communities analyze these aspects of rehabilitation and seek answers.
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