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Fish or cut bait
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  • Producer/Director

    Tom Burger and Bill Mckggan

  • Produced By

    A Fish or Cut bait Collective Production

  • Duration in Minutes

    44 min.

  • Languages English
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    Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) 102, Bank Street, Suite 202, Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 5N4, CANADA Email ? , Site:

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    Smallscale fisheries,Overfishing,Industrial fisheries,Fishworkers struggle,Fishworkers organizations,Fishermen,Canada,Artisanal fisheries

  • Description
  • This is a historical documentary tracing fishworker movements from the early 1900s to the present. The focus is on fishing in the Atlantic shores. The film, with the authenticity of archival footage and firsthand accounts, documents these movements, especially in places like New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.
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