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At the epicentre
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    Ruhi Hamid

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    BBC This World

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    Dolly Burles - BBC This World, BBC Television, Room 1362, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS, UK Ph: +44 208 752 7500 Fax: +44 208 752 7599 Email: dolly.burles

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    Women,Tsunami,Resilience,Relief,Rehabilitation,Reconstruction,Natural disasters,Indonesia,Indian ocean,Fishing communities,Fishermen

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  • Only memories remain for the villagers in Lampuuk, an hour's drive from Banda Aceh in Indonesia, the city closest to the epicentre of the earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December 2004. When the tsunami hit the village it killed 6,000 inhabitants, leaving behind just 1,000 to mourn the loss of their families, friends and homes. The only structure left standing in Lampuuk was the local mosque. Rebuilding is a daunting prospect, but like the rest of Aceh, the survivors are refusing to let the disaster destroy what little they have left. The international community has certainly been supporting Lampuuk by giving aid... but the agencies have hit a problem. The government has told them to leave the area. The region has been a conflict zone for decades and aid agencies have been told it is not safe for foreigners to stay there. At The Epicentre focuses on the extraordinary hurdles the people of Lampuuk are facing, providing an insight into their incredible resilience and the force of their faith.
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