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Women from the Mangrove Ecosystem of Ecuador
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    C-Condem, Ecuador

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    Women,Shrimp aquaculture,Shellfish,Poverty,Pollution,Mangroves,Indigenous peoples,Human rights,Health,Gender,Fishing communities,Environmental impact,Education,Culture fisheries,Crabs,Collection,Aquaculture

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  • The film documents the fight of the people of Ecuador to recover and defend their territories, of the mangroves of Ecuador.

    The struggle to reclaim, conserve and defend the mangrove ecosystem as a territory of life in Ecuador sprung from the awareness and sensitivity of women shellfish collectors, crab collectors from the northern coast of the country, who expressed a deep understanding of the symbiosis between their lives and the life of the ecosystem. The recovery of the sense of self has been accompanied by intense work to recover also our sense of belonging and membership. Exports of non-traditional products to pay for the country’s illegitimate external debt to the North, led to the promotion of industrial shrimp aquaculture. The shrimp activity developed illegally and violated the rights of the populations of the mangrove ecosystem.
    Mangroves on the Ecuadorian coasts have been systematically destroyed in the last four decades. Thousands of impoverished families survive upon the last meager resources the mangroves contain, and thousands have been displaced to cities where they are forced to live in dire conditions. The women of the mangrove ecosystem face even greater hardships. A double working day, violence, exclusion from decision making, limited access to health

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