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Our Coast, Our Right
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    Shruthi Kulkarni

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    John D’Souza

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  • Languages Tamil
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    Centre for Education and Documentation 3 Suleman Chambers, 4 Battery Street Behind Regal Cinema Mumbai - 400 001 Ph: (022) 22020019 Email :

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    Women,Tsunami,Tourism,Tamil Nadu,Natural disasters,Legislation,Kerala,Interviews,Industry,India,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Environmental impact,CRZ,Conflicts,Coastal erosion,Coastal area management,Access rights

  • Description
  • Our Coast Our Right explains the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification, and the economics and politics of its implementation from the point of view of Local Community Rights. What is the CRZ? How did the coming of the tsunami remind the government about this Notification, which was passed way back in 1991? Does it help the fisherfolk or does it promote development? The CRZ was meant to protect the rights of the fisher people living in the area, but strangely, its implementation seems to narrate a different story. While fishermen are asked to vacate their homes, and move far away from the seas that provide them with a living, tourism industry and other developmental activities seem to thrive around the coast. How did the core of this Notification come to be turned around on its head?
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