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Salaphoum: Learning from experiences in Villager-led Action Research
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    The Wetlands Alliance

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    The Wetlands Alliance, Thailand Phone : +66 2 524 6009 Fax : +66 2 516 2126 Email :

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    Natural resources management,Community based management,NGO,Research,Cambodia,WorldFish Center,Field visit,Governance

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  • This DVD is a community produced film made on location in Stung Treng province of northeastern Cambodia. It forms part of an ongoing social research initiative, called Salaphoum, supported by the local NGO CEPA and The WorldFish Center. Salaphoum was spearheaded to combat the loss of natural resources in the region.

    The film documents some of the processes and experience of conducting villager-led research and includes video interviews with Salaphoum researchers, research assistants, NGO staff and local authorities.

    This is Salaphoum’s first community produced film and forms part of the theme of work on community produced media towards improving natural resources management and local governance.
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