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The Sea Change
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    Kadhambari Chintamani/UNTRS

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    UNTRS Address: Apex Towers, 54, 2nd Main Road, R.A.Puram Postal Code:600 028 City:Chennai Country:India Region:Asia Telephone:+91 4442303551 Fax:+91 4442303556

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    Women,UNTRS,Tsunami,Tribal people,Tamil Nadu,Rehabilitation,Natural disasters,India,Alternative livelihoods

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  • This film highlights the various measures taken by the United Nations Team for Tsunami Recovery Support, in tsunami affected regions of south India, including rehabilitation measures for nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes. The Irulas, affected by the tsunami, are a tribal community found mainly in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They were a predominantly semi-nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers.

    A child recovers from trauma after being counselled by a young woman trained by UNTRS in psycho-social skills. A woman from the Irula tribe, shares her experience of living in a community in the rehabilitation site, rather than an earlier lonely existence with people from their community spread far away. A farmer is now able to supplement his income by making mud bricks, which is the raw material for the rehabilitation site. Such inspirational stories of individuals and community, narrate the stories of lives that emerged stronger from a natural disaster.
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