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Fisher’s Voice, Fisher’s Voyage – Part 1 (Aquaculture Trash)
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    SeaFish for Justice Address: No. 23-A Marunong St. Barangay Central Diliman Quezon City, 1101 Fax: +63 (2) 926-4415 Email: Website:

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  • The Filipino government implemented the Aquaculture for Rural Development programme, claiming to supplement the fishermen’s income. But this documentary reveals the fallacy of such a system in procuring food security in a community that is steeped in poverty. Eighty percent of the produce from aquaculture – consisting of lobsters, prawns and seaweed – is exported to other countries, leaving no food for the locals. There are not many jobs available in this field and women are usually not employed. The business takes time to break even. This film questions the intentions and planning of the government in implementing a faulty plan.
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