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Devils in the deep sea
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    National Fishworkers Forum

  • Duration in Minutes

    25 min.

  • Languages English and Hindi and Bengali
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    National Fishworkers Forum, Velankanny Junction Valiathura Trivandrum 695 008 INDIA Phone +91 44 501376 Email:

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    India,GATT,Fishworkers organizations,Fishermen,Fisheries management,Distantwater fishing vessels,Deepsea fishing,Bycatch

  • Description
  • This film was produced to create awareness about the nationwide strike called by Indian fishermen on 23 November 1994, organised by the National Fisheries Action Committee Against Joint Ventures. Produced by the National Fishworkers' Forum, it shows how deep-sea fishing vessels were creating havoc with the ecological balance of India's tropical waters. The film is also dubbed in Hindi and Bengali.
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