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Fisher’s Voice, Fisher’s Voyage - Part 3
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    Toni Lei Bagasso

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    SeaFish for Justice Address: No. 23-A Marunong St. Barangay Central Diliman Quezon City, 1101 Fax: +63 (2) 926-4415 Email: Website:

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    Food security,WTO,Fishworker movements,Fishworker organizations,Philippines,Fishermen,Fisheries trade,ASCM,NAMA,Aquaculture,Culture fisheries,Livelihood,Arrests,Conflicts,Smallscale fisheries,Artisanal fisheries,Free trade agreements,Southeast Asia,Trade union,Interviews,Marine fisheries,Freshwater fisheries

  • Description
  • This is the third part of the series Fisher’s Voice, Fisher’s Voyage. It takes a look at the Aquaculture for Rural Development plan implemented by the Filipino government and the international forces such as WTO agreements, which have a bearing on the fish catch and income of the fishermen. The Fisherfolk Movement (in Filipino - Kilusang Mangingisda ng Pilipinas or KM) is a coalition of eight federation and alliances of small fisherfolk in the Philippines. It was founded in January 2002 in Cebu City, Philippines, when they launched a nation-wide campaign against fisheries trade liberalisation, to spread awareness about the fisher people’s right. Sixty five activists have been said to be killed by the Filipino military under the regime of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The third part of the movie weaves a concluding narrative around the movement of fisherfolk to protest against colonisation of their livelihoods.
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