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Abandoned, not Forgotten – The plight of Burma’s migrant fishers
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    Thailand, Myanmar

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    David Browne

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    David Browne

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    ITF House, 49-60 Borough Road, London SE1 1DR Ph: +44 20 7403 2733 Email:

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    Myanmar,Thailand,Migration,Fishermen,Women,Human trafficking,Seafarers,Trade union,Fishworkers rights,Fishworkers organizations,Human rights,Legal issues,Post-harvest fisheries,Citizenship

  • Description
  • This is a film capturing eyewitness accounts of the appalling maltreatment of Burmese (Myanmar) fishermen in Thailand. There are 250,000 Myanmar migrant fishermen and women working in fish-processing factories in Thailand’s export-driven fishing industry. Only 70,000 are legally registered.
    An unmarked cemetery, with over 700 concrete coffins , runs along an isolated stretch of land in Ranong, Thailand. These are the coffins of men, women and children from Burma (Myanmar), who had migrated to Thailand, looking for work. Some of them were smuggled into Thailand for cheap labour and died en route, having suffocated inside the refrigerating truck used as a vehicle. This short documentary film narrates the stories of Burmese migrants who trickle into neighbouring Thailand in search of a better life and realise that they were wrong. Shocking narratives highlight the atrocities meted out to the migrant fishermen, often uncovered by labour laws. They can’t go back to their homeland either, as they lose their citizenship when they move out of their country in search of work.
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