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Traditional Fishermen of Coromandel Coast
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    R N Joe D'Cruz

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    Coromandel coast,Tamil Nadu,Fishing methods,Fishing communities,Culture,Tradtional knowledge,Smallscale fisheries,Fishing gear,Artisanal fisheries,Catamaran,Fishing craft,India

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  • R N Joe D’Cruz, a traditional fisherman from the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu, now works amongst his fishing community, armed with an education obtained in a city. He aims to spread awareness in his community about the various traditional practices that they must continue to follow, technologies that they can adopt and harmful modernisations that they should shun. In this informational video, D’Cruz shares his experience as a fisherman and the knowledge of the community on the various aspects related to fisheries, the kinds of nets to be used and the culture of the fishing communities in the region.
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