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The Vital Link
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    Karen Naets Sekiguchi

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    International Labour Organization (ILO)

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    Maritime boundaries,Maritime laws,Seafarers,Working conditions,ILO,Philippines,Asia,Flag state cotrol,Port state control,Conventions,Maritime Authority

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  • This film presents an account of the sometimes-difficult living and working conditions of seafarers under the background of ILO's Maritime Conventions and includes statements from ship-owners, workers’ federations and others.
    In this film, seafarers are seen as the ‘vital link’ in an industry that promotes trade and tourism. But more often than not, being far away from land, from law and from family, the seafarers work under poor conditions, their helplessness exploited by the ship captains and owners. Though the ILO has a unique Joint Maritime Commission to discuss the issues of seafarers, the laws are often not followed on-board. Two-thirds of the 1.2 million estimated seafarers come from Asia. The seafarers are not paid on time, and sometimes, they get blacklisted by the shop owner unfairly, making it impossible for them to find work in another ship. The documentary raises such issues faced by seafarers and lays out the international laws that protect them.
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