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Resisting Coastal Invasion
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    K P Sasi

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    Visual Search

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    Urbanization,Sea level rise,Sand mining,Policy,MOEF,Kerala,India,GOI,Globalization,Fishing communities,Fisheries legislation,CZM,CRZ,Coastal erosion,Coastal environment,Coastal development,Coastal area management,Aquaculture

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  • Resisting Coastal Invasions vividly captures both the magnitude of the threat and the impact of CRZ Notification 1991 on coastal and fishing communities. It also analyzes the ramifications of the draft CZM notification and the dire consequences it will have on the 4 million fisherfolk living along India’s coastline. Today, both coastal ecosystems as well as the customary rights of fishing communities over coastal areas are severely eroded by developmental activities and market interests - tourism, industrialization, sand mining, infrastructure-building, aquaculture and rapid urbanization. It captures the struggles of fishing communities who are fighting against the takeover of their lands by the forces of globalization.
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