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Farmed Salmon Exposed: The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry
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    Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Chile, Canada

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    Working conditions,Scotland,Salmon farms,Salmon,Processing units,Occupational hazards,Norway,Marine pollution,Marine harvest,Labour rights,Labour,Ireland,Fishworker movements,Fishing industry,Environmental pollution,Employment,Culture fisheries,Chile,Canada,Aquaculture

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  • This film reveals the pervasive nature of the issues plaguing salmon aquaculture, caused by open net cage salmon farms worldwide, and features testimonials by witnesses discussing the environmental and socio-economic damage caused by poorly managed salmon farms.The Norwegian salmon farming has grown exponentially to change the marine environment across the world. The global boom in demand for salmon, has induced companies, many from the European Union, to open salmon farming operations in parts of the world where labor costs are low and environmental regulations are few. While this tactic has produced profits for multinational companies, it has led to worker abuse, highly questionable practices and environmental and human health concerns. Corporates like Cermaq and Marine Harvest, the two largest shareholders in the Norwegian salmon farming industry, turn a deaf ear to these issues. The four-part video exposes the new and little understood form of environmental pollution caused by salmon farming.
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