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Mean Sea Level
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    Pradip Saha

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    Pradip Saha

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    Email: Ph: +91 011 29955879

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    Sea level rise,Coastal erosion,Islands,Sundarbans,Bay of Bengal,Displacement,Fishing communities,West Bengal,India,Climate change,Soil erosion

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  • This documentary looks at the human tragedy behind the statistics of internal displacement caused by rising sea levels and erosion in Sagar island. Almost 7,000 inhabitants have been forced to leave Ghoramara in the last 30 years, as the island has become half in size. The biggest island, Sagar which hosted refugees from other islands all these years, is witnessing massive erosion now. 70,000 people in the 9 sea-facing islands are at the edge of losing land in next 15 years. This is the premise of the film, which looks at the impact of sea level rise on the inhabitants of Ghoramara and Sagar islands in the Sundarban delta region in the Bay of Bengal. The people documented in the movie recall villages, houses, and memories, which are now submerged under water. They continue to lead their lives elsewhere, in refugee colonies, building new lives, but never quite like their old ones, waiting for the new life to sink as well, again.
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